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To construct change in our communities with integrity, innovation, progression, and great people.


We are recognized as a construction firm that builds through learning, progression, and technology with the tenacity to always lead,
improve, and grow.


We build strong relationships with each other, our clients, and our business partners based on ten fundamental values: safety, communication, time, relationships, industry disruptors, technology, work life balance, quality, accountability, ownership, growth, and learning.


A strong foundation with over 15 years of success

Josh Fayerman, Milestone’s President and founder, was raised on Vancouver Island and is proud to call the Harbour City home. Josh started in the construction industry ‘swinging a shovel’ at a very young age. Growing up in a family of 3 generations of general contractors, Josh gained knowledge of many different aspects of the construction industry, learning what was necessary to complete the project correctly the first time.

Today, with a team of over 70 employees, Milestone has seen more than 15 years of success in the civil construction sector. Milestone has established itself as a dependable, transparent, and accountable contractor in the industry.  Milestone’s team is comprised of professional, experienced, educated, and dedicated individuals that form project teams to ensure our clients’ projects are treated with the same level of respect, attention, professionalism, and CARE that our organization is founded upon. Since 2005, Milestone continues to build
off of its strong foundation of family values, integrity, trust, and accountability.


Commitment & CARE

Milestone is committed to not only ensuring clients are cared for, but employees as well. Milestone is committed to helping ensure its workforce is provided with a positive, professional, progressive and inclusive team environment. Milestone believes it is its corporate responsibility to ensure it is supporting those that live and work within our community.


Social Responsibility

Milestone has the privilege of calling Vancouver Island home.
Milestone recognizes its ability and corporate responsibility to provide social support to our community, our team, and our environment.
Milestone has committed to the following in order to support a sustainable future accountability.

Education and Progression of Local Workforce:
Milestone has developed and introduced its Progression Plan as of 2017. The Milestone Progression Plan helps individuals develop their skills
and knowledge in what they do in order to keep our team and work aligned with our quality standard of excellence. This also encourages and develops our team which allows Milestone to achieve greater success.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejuvenate: It is important that all corporations are mindful of their impact on our environment and how we are shifting our traditional ways of running a business into a sustainable future. Milestone is committed to identifying, mitigating and eliminating waste produced in the process of our work. Milestone is committed to recycling certain materials, preplanning to reduce waste and rework, and approaching our work with sustainability in mind.

Local Charities: Milestone actively participates in annual activities and events such as the Ladysmith Lightup, Touch a Truck, Meet a Machine, Loaves & Fishes, and other local charitable programs.


Commitment to Community

Milestone sponsors and works to support local causes that align with our core values of honesty, learning, innovation and commitment. Milestone believes it is our duty to give back to our communities and be apart of its development.
It is through businesses commitments and abilities to promote, contribute and lead social and environmental responsibilities. Milestone strives to continue to bring value, support and awareness to local initiatives in hopes of encouraging other businesses to do the same.

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